ENT Studios is a Belgium-based engineering company.
We provide professional advice and expert services in engineering, research and design.

What we do


Scientific modelling and simulations
Fluid mechanics and CFD
NVH and (aero)acoustics
Medical application design


Feasability study
Proof of concept
Sound Engineering
Mastering audio tracks


Heavy data-processing
Algorithm design
Image processing
X-platform R&D tooling
X-platform test software

Web development

Connecting the mechanical world to the web (IoT)
Real-time web apps
Blockchain integration
Django web apps


Fulgur Medical

systems engineering electro-magnetics

Wireless heating of heart implants


biomedical back-sensor

Best New Wearable Technology Device 2015

Wind Turbine

CFD Airflow simulation

airflow around a wind turbine


Online video platform

secure pay per view video platform

Server Room

CFD HVAC airflow

airflow inside server-room



mechanical engineering scientific modelling CFD IoT Python Django



Eli Clement


Eli Clement (ir.) is an electro-mechanical research engineer specialized in scientific modelling and connecting the mechanical world to the web. He combines a broad technical background with a creative approach and a passion for science.


front-end product innovation sustainability expert concept designer



Kristel Dewulf


Belgian Designer Kristel Dewulf is an expert in ‘Front End (sustainable) Product Innovation’, involved in several research projects together with Delft University of Technology (NL), University Ghent (B), and a wide range of international design consultancies. In 2001, she founded Factor 10, the Flemish Information point for Ecodesign.
Kristel is used to deal with (sustainable) design projects that obey the laws of nature and market on top of production and aesthetics. She is the Belgian liaison for the Global Network for Sustainable Design www.O2.org.
Kristel believes empathy is at the heart of design. Without the understanding of what others see, feel, and experience, design is a pointless task.

Besides our core team, ENT Studios connects to premium partners when special expertise is required.

Premium partners


electronic engineering PCB design IoT rapid prototyping Python Django

Hexa Studios

CEO - ir. Michiel De Paepe

Engineering consultancy company providing electronic design, IoT, rapid prototyping and mechanical engineering.

 Hexa Studios


engineering simulations rapid prototyping research medical devices

Fred Consultancy

CEO - ir. Matthew Philpott

Provides creative engineering support to companies developing any and all kinds of products. Fred Consultancy performs desk research, feasibility studies, concept generation, physics calculations and simulations (structural, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics), rapid prototyping and algorithm development. Anything in the fields of physics and engineering.

 Fred Consultancy


What's behind the name ENT Studios ?

ENT in dutch means "to graft". Grafting is an operation which consists in placing together the two cut surfaces of different plants in such a way that they shall unite and become an organic unity. Our passion is trying to make your projects better by grafting our engineering skills on to it.


Are you ready to start?
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